Real-Time Mobile Video Monitoring

IMAGINE CCTV only in the hands of your security guards

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Increase your Revenues: On-demand Video Stream Escalation


What U See is a combined solution of a central web-based monitoring center and a secured mobile app which allows you to see everything that your patrol guards see, on real-time, in centralized monitoring center - simultaneously.


Real-time video streaming

During a monitoring session, a real-time video stream, directly from your patrol guard's mobile phone, is displayed in the monitoring center, along with accurate identification and geo-location data. Know where your patrol guards are and see what they see.


Patrol Guard Security

Add a layer of protection for your patrol guards and staff by assisting them on real-time from centralized decision making by seeing what they see on site. Accurate geo-location tracking and video streaming minimize risks and enable the guard to alert or request emergency assistance at all times. Your patrol guards are no longer alone.



Two-way chat and voice communication helps you do direct, assist, monitor and supervise your patrol guards on real-time. Your officers will enjoy enhanced data flow, improved risk assessment, better decision making and faster and more accurate response.


Archiving and Analysis

Each monitoring session is archived, tagged and allows future access by advanced search filters. Archived videos can be used for training, event analysis and for insurance claims. Ensure guards compliance and quality of operation.


for the security industry

NEW! On-demand Video Stream Escalation

Offer added-value topnotch service to your clients: On-demand video stream escalation from your guards directly to your client's mobile phone (with control center moderation). Wherever your clients are around the world, they can now join your patrol guards remotely, see what they see, and communicate with them - on demand or by invitation.
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Monitor, communicate and help your patrol guards while seeing what they see - on real-time


Control and monitor one-to-many patrol guards from one screen


Increase the personal safety of your patrol guards


Log any activity with - real-time video. Ideal for insurance claims, post-even analysis and training

Patrol Guards Solution

Always know where your patrol guards are - and what they see

Video Archiving

Unlimited video archiving with deep-search functionality by context matching, tagging, location and more

No Installation

Zero installation - full SaaS (Software as a service)

No Requirements

Zero hardware requirements - just a few seconds app installation on your workforce's mobile phones

Plans & Pricing

30 day money back guarantee, no contract, cancel at any time

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About us

What U See was developed hand-in-hand along the improvement of video delivery and availability on mobile devices, which allows us to develop and introduce the first mobile video monitoring and management platform. We are a team of experienced engineers, with vast expertise in development of distributed secured systems, video and mobile apps in dynamic environments.

Minimal System Requirements

Having been provided as SaaS, the service does not require any additional hardware for Monitoring Center(s) and for the distributed workforces. The Monitoring Center requires nothing more than a simple workstation with a browser, while any Android/iOS smartphone can have the app installed.


What U See endpoints use the AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt media (audio and video), and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity, while the endpoints generate random keys both at the beginning of the session and periodically change during the media streaming session. All app-web communications, as well as the Monitoring Center(s) are secured using SSL. All passwords are hashed and all protocols are based on proven standards - SRTP for media traffic encryption and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation (as defined by the IETF).


The app is 100% cloud-based and has the ability to grow as much as needed. The app works well on both WIFI and carrier networks and can adjust video quality per the real-time capability of the network. The app is light, user friendly, easy to use and does not place heavy use on the battery or the CPU.

Contact us


Our R&D offices are located in the beautiful city of Haifa, Israel, with an astonishing view of the Mediterranean sea and all-day-long breeze that helps us during long days (and nights) of building and strengthening What U See.


Sales and business development operations are handled by our team across the Atlantic, in USA, while an actual permanent offices soon to be opened in New York City, followed by one in Munich, Germany, to help our growth across Europe.


The best way to contact us is by using the "Support" link. Whenever our support team is online, a chat option is available as well.

We still don't offer a 24x7 chat but soon we will. Our support team (which operates from our offices in Israel) can also connect you, if needed, with our business development team in the US.